How to tackle stress at exam hall


  1. Leave home early
    Leave home early for the examination hall. If you reach little early talk to your teachers and friends. Enter the examination hall only when the time comes. Do not worry about the paper.
  2. When you get the question paper
    When the question paper is handed over to you do not start reading it at once. Take your mind off and close your eyes and count 20. When you feel calm start reading the paper. The first feeling that many students get is that they have forgotten every thing and become panicked. Remember it's never true. Be positive. Be confident.
  3. Start answering
    Start answering from the first question. If you get stuck, do not waste your time, proceed to the next one. This way you have to proceed and you will find to your surprise that you are slowly remembering every thing. You may also remember the answer of the question which you thought you have forgotten.
  4. Time management during the test
    It is important to complete writing at least 15 minutes before the schedule exam time. This 15 minutes must be kept for the revision of your answers. Time management can be best achieved by practice and by dividing your time according the weightage of the questions.
  5. What you should not do
    Do not spend time on questions the answer of which you do not know. It is better to spend on the questions which you can answer well. Do not talk to any friend and start conversion with any one. Avoid answering to any fellow student in the examination hall.