Young people, mainly school goers, are often in search of some direction which will help them to fullfill their goals in life. They are in need of information, coaching or someone to talk to.
The situation is generally very demanding and the students are under high stressed condition. They might not know how to cope with their emotions, the challenges they face or the multiple demands of the family and parents. Or, they may be starting to plan their careers and want to know more about various institutions for higher studies. Whether the student is looking for career advice, problem-solving skills or ideas about how to cope during stressful times, they definitely need a guidance counselor with real life experiences.
Real life experiences can come from many possible arenas but rarely do they come from the initial theoretical schooling earned at colleges and universities. I have seen many students who do not know about their goals and are totally confused about their future. The talents and aptitude are defeated by the strong demands of their family, who want their son or daughter to excel in all the fields of academics at the cost of the happiness and ambition of their children.
The pressure thus created gives no positive result but ends up in most cases with failures and frustration. Children face the growing pains of adolescence in a harsh and cruel world. They need real life examples and sessions to accept and believe what a counselors advises. They may not be open to the advice given, as good as it may be. They need tangible examples to bring truth to a difficult situation. Or they need a counselor who truly understands how difficult it is to face the truth.
It is certainly a tough job, and having been a teacher for a few years, I can appreciate how tough it is. But it is even tougher if the counselor is not ready with real life experience as part of their toolkit.
I believe proper guidance is the key to success.
Best Wishes.