Home-page for ICSE Board Class IX - Session 2021-2022

Some important information:
  • The “access password’ is confidential - maintain confidentiality.
  • The classes will be held through video sessions and will be through Google Meet. You may be aware that to use Google Meet you will need to login to your Google account (i.e. GMail account), and let us the email account id for setting up Google Meet session.
  • Generally the tutor will initiate the video session. Be online at the specified time and day of tuition session. If change of session time and/or day become necessary, please inform the tutor well in advance.
  • There will be periodical tests. Tests will be held either (a) on conventional paper question or (b) on online digital question. Answer of conventional question paper will be on paper. Each page must have (1) Student’s name, (2) Question Reference No and (3) page number. The answer sheets will have to be email-ed to the tutor either in JPEG or PDF format. Digital question papers will have to be answered online, and after completing the test, create a PDF file of the answer sheet and email the same to the tutor.