Font and lists

The <font> tag is used for specifying the font face.
The font tag comes in pair - opening tag <font> and a closing tag </font>. 
Apart from the font face, one can specify font size, and font color of text. For example:
<font face="arial" size= 2 color="blue">
This is text line.
Where font face is arial, font size = 2 points and font colour is blue.
HTML list tags are of two types - ordered list and unordered list. 
There are two pairs of tags resectively for ordered list and unodered list.
<ol> and </ol> are tags for ordered list.
<ul> and </ul> are tags for unordered list.
<li> is the HTML tag for used for specifying a list item.
This tag also comes in pair - the opening tag <li> at the begining of the list text and the closing tag </li> at the end of the listed text.
Study the following example where we have used all the codes stated above, and see the output here.