Common tags

Some of the very common HTML tags are:

  1. HTML code starts with <html> and ends with </html>. The code text between <html> and </html> describes the page content.
  2. Between tags <head> and </head> one can keep all header elements. For example the title of the page, etc.
  3. The title of the page is kept between <title> and </title> tags. This gets displayed in the browser toolbar.
  4. The text between <body> and </body> is the part which will be visible on the web page.
  5. Text between <b> and </b> will come in bold.
  6. Text between <i> and </i> will come in italic.
  7. Text between <h1>; and </h1> will be heading line. The size of the characters in the heading line will decrease with the increase of the number value '1'.
  8. Just to break the text the code is <br>.
  9. To break the text into paragraph the code is <p>.

Study the following example where we have used all the codes stated above, and see the output here.